Better Sleep, Better Life

Sleep like a baby with light therapy backed by science

We spend a third of our life sleeping, but in our busy modern lives, filled with artificial light, good sleep is hard to come by. Change that with light therapy.

Built For The Future

Sleep is hard

The modern age isn’t built for deep, restful sleep. One of the biggest causes of difficulty sleeping and morning fatigue is incorrect light exposure.

Circadian Rhythm

Our Circadian rhythms are finely tuned, 24-hour cycles that signal to our bodies when to do certain things, one of the biggest things is sleep.

Light Exposure

At night, our circadian rhythms are easily disrupted by even the slightest bits of light exposure. This makes our brains feel less sleepy at night.

Blocking Blue Light

Studies have shown that the most disruptive wavelength, or color, of light is blue light. By wearing Blue Light Blockers are night, or just turning off screens at night, we can significantly increase the quality and ease of our sleep.

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